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Legislative Updates

2019 General Assembly

Updated February 6, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

   The PFFUI have been very successful so far this year at the Statehouse. Our bills are moving early out of the House and Senate. In the House, HB1170 (Public Safety contract negotiations) has passed the 98-0 and is on its way to the Senate. HB1222 and HB1032 both deal with increasing the LODD benefit and increasing the death benefit, these bills passed committees unanimous and are going to a house vote.

   In the Senate, SB85 (1977 fund pension benefit increase) has passed the Senate 49-0. SB603 (same as HB1170) passed the Senate 49-0 both of these Senate bills are going to the House to be voted on.

   We are also watching and testifying on many other bills that could have an impact on our members. I will report on those later.

  So far this has been a monumental year for us, these are some very important issues to our members that are moving. Hopefully we can keep this momentum going until the end of the session.

   As always if you would like to come to the Statehouse and see for yourself how all of this works contact myself or President Hanify.
Stay Safe,
Mike Whited
PFFUI Vice President 





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