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Legislative Updates

2019 General Assembly

Updated June 4, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The PFFUI had an outstanding and productive year at the General Assembly this session. Our bills are now signed into law.
HB1258 changes the residency requirements for police officers and fire fighters. You can now live 50 miles from the nearest border of the place you work, including across state lines. This new law took effect the day the Governor signed the bill.

HB1170 will give bargaining rights for firefighters in the state code. Any new contract after July 1st 2019 will put minimum standards in the contract. It will now be mandatory that any new contract that doesn't already have an evergreen clause or any dispute mechanism in place must include a 1 year evergreen clause with non-binding mediation. This also does not affect any agreement already in place that has these provisions.

SB85 will increase our pension after July 1st from 50% at 20 years to 52% and increase the maximum to 76% at 32 years. In addition it will also increase the widows portion from 60% to 70% to any widow whose member dies after July 1st, 2019. 

If only one of these bills were to pass it would have been a great year for us. But to get all three passed made this truly a historic year for us. The pension increase was the first monetary increase in the 77 fund since its inception 42 years ago. HB1170 will now put for the first time ever in the Indiana code bargaining rights for firefighters. If you look at the votes these two bills received during the whole process from start to finish, you will see a combined vote total of 587 votes in favor and zero votes against.

That alone is a historic session. This is because of the relationships we have built over the years with these legislators.
If you have any questions about any of the bills or the process please give me a call.

Mike Whited
PFFUI Vice President




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