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Photos 2005
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Governor Mitch Daniels appoints Roger Johnson as State Fire Marshall in December 2004 at the L416 Union Hall. L-R Gov. Daniels, State Fire Marshall Roger Johnson,
IAFF 8th District VP Tom Miller, and PFFUI President
Tom Hanify

PFFUI Legislative Conference in Indianapolis, February 2005
  lc_lutz lc_sen_sipes lc_rep_cochran lc_ruppel lc_tiny  
    c_hinkle lc_wyss lc_who lc_miller  

Michigan City FD Centennial Sunday, May 1, 1905 —
Sunday, May 1, 2005

Bridgeton Bridge Fundraiser
MCFD 100 YEARS 12 MCFD 100 YEARS 2 MCFD 100 YEARS 3 MCFD 100 YEARS 4 MCFD 100 YEARS 5   bridgeton5035
PFFUI 29th Annual Convention in Jeffersonville, May 2005
ca_opening c_4trustee_webb c_pinkham c_duggins_chief c_hanify c_iaff_munger c_miller
  lc_SFM_johnson c_miller_bruner_kissell c_break c_burkhard    
Press Conference in South Bend with Rep. Chris Chocola - HELPS Retirees Act.
sb_5605_chiccola sb_5605_group sb_5605_hanify sb_5605_marks sb_5605_taylor sb_5605_top5  
Ft. Wayne L124 Meeting   Emergency Services Education Center, Wayne Twp.
ftwayne   g_panfire g_tower g_vertvent  
Linton L3087 Signing Contract with City
Robert Olden
Richmond Firefighters
attend City-County Meeting
l_jack,eric l_mayor signing, opie   olden copy   richmond  
IAFF President Harold Schaitberger at Colts Game Washington Twp. Raises Money
  tom06 tom04   washtwp_1 washtwp_2 washtwp_3
Danville Charter Pres.   L4416 Hamilton Cty. with State Reps.
DSCN1056 DSCN1057       l4416 l4416_2
Anderson L1262 Meeting with Mayor Hamilton Cty. L4416 with State Reps.
  anderson anderson2   l4416 l4416_2  
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