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News: Special Plate Participants –
Important Update from the Indiana BMV - November 2011:

January 2012 begins a new five-year plate cycle for Special Group Recognition (SGR) License Plates.

All individuals registering their vehicles with SGR plates will receive new metal license plates and all low-digit assignments must be verified by BMV branch staff prior to processing the registration transaction.

This will occur whether the customer is renewing a previously registered low-digit SGR license plate or receiving one for the first time. This applies to motorcycle license plates as well as vehicle license plates.

Individuals with these low-digit assigned numbers of 100 or less must have State Form 54845 signed by an authorized representative of the PFFUI in order to process their registration.

Individuals with high-digit plate numbers (101 & greater) will receive a new license plate with the same high-digit number they had previously and do not need the form to process their registrations.

We need to issue Form 54845 in advance so individuals will have the forms available prior to their renewal dates. Please advise any of your members who may have low-digit numbers and who may have changed their addresses in the past 5 years that it is unlikely we have their correct mailing address to send them the form. Please have them email me their correct mailing address.

We are not soliciting requests for preferred numbers. I have the master list of previously issued numbers and am only attempting to make individuals aware of the need for this authorization form if they have a low-digit number. Any additional questions regarding the program should be emailed to me.

— Sincerely, Mike Michael Pinkham Secretary-Treasurer, PFFUI

mikepinkham @ aol.com


Indiana Career Professional Fire Fighters
Special Recognition License Plates

The Indiana Fire Fighters’ special recognition license plate is available to Fire Fighters and their families along with individuals who want to show their support for the career Fire Fighters in the state of Indiana.

No authorization forms are required to
obtain the special plates as of January 1, 2007.

Simply request the plates when you visit the Bureau of Motor Vehicles License Branch in your community. The funds collected through purchases of the special plates will benefit Fire Fighters throughout the state of Indiana through programs sponsored by the Professional Fire Fighters Union of Indiana, the Indiana Fire Fighters Association, and the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association.

These special plates are available for any passenger vehicle, trucks under 16,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles.


The cost to individuals for the special recognition plate is an additional $40.00 over your normal vehicle plate registration fees. Of this amount, $25.00 goes to the sponsoring organizations and $15.00 is assessed by the BMV. The Bureau of Motor Vehicle collects the fees and will remit our organization’s dedicated funds to us annually.

Your support of this program is greatly appreciated by the Fire Fighters around the state. If you have any questions regarding the Indiana Career Professional Fire Fighters License Plate program please contact the PFFUI Secretary-Treasurer Mike Pinkham at mikepinkham@aol.com or our office at 317/630-1840.



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